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It was used to facilitate the purchase of drugs, weapons, and other illicit material before it was shut down and its founder arrested. 1.Re: Ripple Speculation total, 14 participants attended a panel leading up to a.There are also some threads about ripple on reddit and on bitcointalk.In my experience, there is a certain subset of cryptocurrency speculators who do not understand the essential value proposition of crypto and so retain a preference for centralized scamcoins.It took years for XRP investors and fans to counter each lie one-by-one and change the nature of the dialogue.

People have the right to freely engage in economic activity without interference and I, nor anyone, should have to right to interfere with that.Ripple connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally.It is comprised of the best that Silicon Valley has to offer, and has been named one of the leading fintech companies time and again annually by Fortune magazine, MIT and other organizations. 7 8.

And so the road to mainstream investor acceptance in the West has been paved with difficulty.

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There is no reason this ledger should even be called a currency.

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Poloniex yuanbaohui blowser Azure bitcoin debt card mining bitcoin faucet Bitcointalk bitcoin.Hello, seems as though no one on NP has interest in XRP aka Ripple.

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First round of giveaway was open for Bitcointalk members only, whose account was.Ripple is not like ethereum via the extent of the premine, the potential to develop further functionality, and the incentive to do so.The market is not necessarily rational, especially on shorter timescales.Granted, we had an asymmetric advantage in the sale. but the noobs will never appreciate this, if our marketing is good enough.This needs to be plastered in big letters across all bitcoin related subreddits and websites.A number of users got screwed when their tokens were automatically replaced with superficially equivalent but worthless tokens through the magic of rippling.

Also, the company would likely give out XRP to its employees instead of stock options (or give the choice) and most employees would probably have taken XRP, especially once it started to grow.Who does want to hold volatile crypto if not for the freedom of the blockchain.While roughly 40 billion have been distributed among crypto-currency users, approximately 60 billion of them still belong to Ripple. 11.The rest of the investment money probably goes into marketing.They were told they had misconfigured their account settings, but that otherwise the system was working as intended.What does upset me are real issues: crime, corruption, injustice, etc. the usual stuff.

You are expected to treat everyone with a certain level of respect.Again, the criticisms that apply to Ripple apply equally well (or moreso) to Ethereum.

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The main use that the company intends for XRP is to serve as liquidity while bridging one fiat currency to another for banks.

I have no idea if either ripple or ethereum will be up long term.Ripple Labs pre-mined their coins and kept them for themselves, whereas the EF pre-mined their coins and sold them.Dublin-based blockchain platform announced the addition of XRP (Ripple).How do i can track all my own transactions in ripple.Whether any user is submitting or withdrawing ripple ( Wired magazine to mainstream news sources, the press painted crypto-currency with the same broad brushstrokes that they used to characterize Silk Road.First, try to understand the criticisms, before blindly rushing in to defend your favorite shitcoin.

Almost every other crypto-currency has a non-profit foundation that relies on the kindness of its miners and users for donations.It serves as a no-counter-party digital asset just like Bitcoin or Ethereum.The more big institutional investors buy in from Ripple Labs the more they dilute your holdings.Ripple the company is enabling the world to move value like it moves information today.

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